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Alzheimer s is quite a tragic disease that can easily rob an individual as well their families of many years of joy by slowly throttling the life and mind of the patient. The worst thing about dealing with this debilitating disease is that there is no known cure available and it is left to taking of drugs in order to treat the different symptoms to delay further progression of the disease.

Timely Detection

The only ray of hope for patients of Alzheimer s is detecting the early Alzheimer s symptoms so that timely remedial action and treatment can be begun. For this doctors generally perform a test known as bio-barcode assay that helps in identifying a certain protein which if present in the spinal fluid can cause onset of early Alzheimer s symptoms.

Typically, the first among different early Alzheimer s symptoms is memory loss which can manifest it in different ways including forgetting where you have parked your vehicle or wondering why you entered the kitchen looking for something.

Another common early Alzheimer s symptom is not being able to think of a suitable word for a simple item such as a spoon or even hairpush. This inability is however not the same as momentarily forgetting a word to describe an object, and this early Alzheimer s symptom is also in fact often accompanied slowness and having difficulty in forming simple thoughts that often leads to stumbling in mid-sentence.

The third most common early Alzheimer s symptom is that of not being able to pay attention to what is happening around you. The patient s span of attention will be very short and it can lead them to repeatedly asking the same questions and also being resistant to changes. Their thoughts become disorganized and they are also unable to think in a logical manner.

Yet another early Alzheimer s symptom is when the patient is unable to do simple and normal everyday tasks and will perform elementary tasks in a very slow manner and will then even become agitated if told to hurry.

Other early Alzheimer s symptoms include changes in behavior and wandering outside in their pajamas or nightie and being slovenly and neglectful in maintaining proper hygiene. Being observant about early Alzheimer s signs and symptoms is probably the best that you can do for someone that has developed early Alzheimer s symptoms, which if left untreated can easily lead to untimely death of the patient. These symptoms can, if not controlled quickly, cause destruction of the cells in the pain though there will not be any outward symptoms to warn you of the damage being done.

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