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Early Alzheimers physical symptoms that typically manifest them as less than perfect physical functionality as well as experiencing problems with balancing and loss of strength are serious enough to require getting the condition checked by a doctor. This has been established according to latest studies on the ill effects of the dreaded Alzheimer s disease. Earlier it was believed that there was a relationship between Alzheimer s physical symptoms as well as cognitive abilities, but there was not enough information available to show how these Alzheimer s physical symptoms could be linked to dementia as well as to impairment of the cognitive abilities.

National Institute On Aging (NIA)

The National Institute on Aging or the NIA has found that dementia is the most common symptom of Alzheimer s disease which in turn can lead to the patient experiencing difficulties in being able to perform normal daily routines. The plain truth is that Alzheimer s disease affects the pain and leads to impaired thought process, bad memory as well as difficulties with language.

However, new research into Alzheimer s physical symptoms shows that the early physical signs too are serious and that at present no cure is known to prevent or treat these symptoms. At the same time the studies point out that it is not right to separate the mind from its body and that both Alzheimer s physical symptoms as well as cognitive impairments are closely linked.

Therefore it stands to reason that even the most minor of all Alzheimers physical symptoms can become the cause of more serious Alzheimer s disease symptoms. This has led physicians to conduct tests on patients in regard to establishing the degree of impairment caused by various Alzheimers physical symptoms and a test known as chair-stand test is used to study the reaction of patients as they stand from a seated position and do so repeatedly for five different times. This study helps to assess the patient s balance and also provides an indication regarding the physical strength in their dominant hand.

These studies have shown that patients that scored low in the chair-stand test also had a low cognitive score, though at the same time it was also found that patients whose scores were good to excellent had fewer chances of developing dementia.

Identifying beginning symptoms of Alzheimers Disease can help in controlling the disease in its nascent stage and so alleviate much of the distress and discomfort caused by this disease. This early detection also facilitates quicker treatment and because no cure for Alzheimer s disease is currently known, only early treatment can prove to be truly effective in ameliorating the lot of patients of this dreadful disease.

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