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One of the most important items in helping people cope with the effects of Alzheimers Disease is providing Alzheimers family support to the families that have been unfortunate enough to have a family member afflicted with Alzheimers. Without proper Alzheimers family support, it is impossible to give information about Alzheimers that the families will trust and will fuel the cycle of misinformation that seems to surround Alzheimers. Providing support for the families of Alzheimers patients will help them obtain the information about the condition that they need which in turn will help them make the right treatment decisions for their loved ones.

The Power Of Group Support

When it comes to Alzheimers family support, one of the most important items to understand is that families often cope better when with other families that are going through the same situation. When a family has a member that develops Alzheimers, they often feel that they are alone when dealing with the situation and begin to sever their ties to friends and associates because they do not know how to talk to others about what they are experiencing. Any Alzheimers family support that is geared towards these individuals, whether it is caregiving classes or teaching coping mechanisms, should include small groups of families so that they know that they are not alone and can have some friends that are going through the same things that they are.

Part of the reason that many families do not seek Alzheimers family support may be because many families do not understand how devastating the condition will be to their family or feel embarrassed about the actions of the person that has been diagnosed with the condition. This is especially true when the patient advances to more regressive stages of the condition and begins to exhibit behavior that can seem bizarre. Families do not how to deal with these changes in their loved ones and often are left to face the situation on their own. Having other people also receiving Alzheimers family support at the same time will help them feel more like a part of society and not an outcast.

Fighting Depression

Any type of Alzheimers family support will have to deal with the depression that is so common with family members dealing with a loved one with Alzheimers. When a family experiences Alzheimers, the primary caregiver may begin to feel hopeless and despair that they will not be able to care for the patient well enjoy or become despondent because a great deal of their time is now centered around the person with Alzheimers. To understand how Alzheimers affects the family members, the counselors must sit down with the family in a safe, non-threatening environment and discuss their feelings and concerns. This is the only way to find out the family members’ state of mind and will detect any issues with depression before it becomes an emergency situation for the caregivers or the patient.

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