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Diabetes is the leading cause of carotid bruit a condition of the heart. In addition, diabetes the ?mother of all diseases? is responsible for Alzheimer?s disease in some instances. If the patient has a level 1 EBM, it increases his or her risk. The risks include VD impairments, as well as AD impairments. AD/VD impairments lead to damage. Diabetes itself will destroy nearly every organ in the human body. The disease will damage the brain, which symptoms will emerge blocking the blood from traveling freely to the brain, as well as harden the blood vessels, making them brittle, thus killing cells, tissues, etc, in between.

Diabetes includes mellitus and insipidus. Mellitus is an inveterate disorder, which carbohydrates breakdown metabolism altering fats and proteins along the way. In all, there are five types of mellitus, which include Type 1-5. The condition causes insulin failure, which blocks its supply. The autoimmune disease can lead to defected receptors within the natural ?insulin-responsive cells.? Genetics play a part in its cause, which can lead to infections, Cushing?s syndrome, surgery, hyperthyroidism, etc.

The disorder causes dehydration, weakness, pain, fatigue, a series of infections etc. The point is each element of diabetes can break down the cells, block blood flow, etc, which can induce Alzheimer?s disease.

Glucose is essential. If you maintain glucose, you can avert diabetes, as well as infections and Alzheimer?s disease perhaps. Glucose will cause memory impairments, impaired cognitive functions, etc. On the other hand, if you have dementia, Alzheimer?s disease, or diabetes, you can control glucose, which can improve memory. Glucose is our source of sugar energy, which its biochemistry produces simple sugars from fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Syrup has a constituents that make up glucose, including maltose, dextrin, dextrose, etc, which is obtained from starches. If the glucose level is low, it can set up a condition known as hypoglycemia. This condition alone will produce Alzheimer symptoms, including memory loss. The cognitive functional elements are obstructed as well.

Complications of mellitus diabetes lead to hypoglycemia, which makes the persons hands tremble. The person will feel hunger, weak, confused, etc, and the symptoms put him or her at risk of tachycardia, diplopia, pallor, diaphoresis, etc. Speech will slur. The person will endure headaches. Ketoacidoisis is a diabetic coma, which puts the patient at great risk.

Now, diabetes insipidus is a concern, since the disorder arises from brain surgeries, brain injuries, meningitis, idiopathic, tumors, trauma, etc. The condition affects the posterior lobe, which rests at the central area of the brain on the lower scale. Here is where the pituitary glands rest also, which the deficiency of vasopressin (ADH) secretes via the post lobe and onto the neurohypophysis, or pituitary gland.

How to reduce symptoms and maintain glucose

Exercise is essential for diabetics, as well as every person alive. Exercise works all the body parts, which promotes energy, glucose, stamina, and good health. If you are prescribed medications, do not miss regimes. Take your medication as prescribed to reduce your risks. In addition, you want to include in your diet ?refined sugar.?

One of the best books I?ve ever read that talks about insulin and glucose is the title the Zone. The book is written by Barry Sears. I recommend you read the book, especially if you have diabetes or dementia.

The best way to maintain your health and glucose level is to eat healthy, exercise, and watch your sugar intake. In addition to healthy eating, exercise etc. You want to learn more about your condition. As well, it is wise to learn more about glucose, and the steps to avert Alzheimer?s disease. Education plays a vital part in our life. Studies have shown that those who stay informed stay healthy.

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