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Most people are unaware that some experts believe that early onset Alzheimers disease could be caused by increased stress in a person’s daily life. Stress has a way of dramatically affecting a person s life and is most apparent in the changing of their thinking patterns when the person is under a great deal of stress. Elevated stress levels for long periods of time have been pinpointed as a possible cause of early onset Alzheimers disease for a number of people across the nation. Cases of early onset Alzheimers disease is increasing in numbers each year and reversing the condition is impossible once a major Alzheimers Symptom makes an appearance.

People that were unable to handle stress effectively when younger have been found to develop Alzheimers disease at a younger age and succumb to the condition more quickly that the individuals that develop the condition later in life. Stress can be caused by difficult situations, be the result of anticipation of an exciting event, and can increase with age, resulting in the development of Alzheimers disease later in life. How the stress is handled will determine how much the stress affects a person s health and whether the constantly elevated stress levels will result in the development of early onset Alzheimers disease. Some experts believe that people that handle stress badly will experience early onset Alzheimers Disease much more often than people that are able to adapt to different levels of stress easily.

What Are The Effects?

Stress can be healthy for a person, but high levels of stress for long periods of time can cause the persons thinking patterns to change when stressed and may cause early onset Alzheimers disease if the person has been under a great deal of stress for long periods of time during their lives. Early onset Alzheimers disease is a devastating condition for a person, causing memory loss and other physical ailments for a long time before eventually resulting in the person’s death. The condition is considered to be a degenerative one, meaning that the effects of Alzheimers disease on the body will become worse and worse as time passes and will eventually be fatal for the person afflicted with the condition.

Some experts believe that there are ways to reduce the chances of developing early onset Alzheimers disease due to stress. The first step is to find ways to handle stress effectively so it does not affect the person s life in a dramatic way or on a regular basis. Sometimes, training themselves ignore stressful issues that the person has no control over is sufficient to reduce the amount of stress in a person’s life. If there is something that is constantly stressing you out, you may have to limit your exposure to that type of situation so that you are not overly stressed out for long periods of time over the situation. Self relaxation techniques can also be an effective deterrent for early onset Alzheimers disease. Sometimes, these techniques include relaxing baths, stretching, or using mediation methods at the end of the day to reduce your stress levels and reduce your chances of developing the condition.

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