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Doctors often prescribe medications to treat Alzheimer?s disease, yet some of the medicines prescribed are hazardous. If your loved one has Alzheimer?s it is wise to discuss medications and side effects with your doctor. Alzheimer?s disease develops in the mild stage, progresses to the moderate stage, and finally to the severe stage.

Alzheimer’s disease affects the patients eating habits, as well as his or her drinking habits. The patient?s appetite will change dramatically as the disease progresses. Sometimes the patient may feel a need for more calories. Your doctor may recommend supplements. Since the brain is degenerating, the patient will need lots of liquids to prevent dehydration. You may need to remind the patient when to drink.

How do doctors protect patients with Alzheimer?

Alzheimer?s Association has put high demands on doctors, requesting that all patients diagnosed with the condition Alzheimer must wear an ID bracelet.

Since Alzheimer?s disease causes memory loss, the patient may wander away and get lost. If someone sees the confused patient, the Samaritan can look at the bracelet to locate an address.

Alzheimer?s disease is a brain killer. The disease slowly shrinks the brain, wearing down the tissues, nerve cells, nerve fibers, spine, etc. As the disease slowly deteriorates the brain, it weakens the muscles. The condition puts the patient at high-risk of falling.

How do doctors know if the disease is progressing?

Doctors consider symptoms. If the symptoms are worsening, then likely the disease is progressing.

How do doctors take measures to slow the progression?
After the disease progresses, doctors can only do so much. The patient will die in a matter of time. The disease only allows the average patient to live up to 12 years, yet as it reaches the severe stage, likely the patient will die shortly. Doctors continue to test, prescribe medications, etc. The patient likely will need nursing home assistance.

How do nursing homes take care of Alzheimer?s disease?

Nursing staff rely on doctors. On staff, doctors will perform random checks. Most of the patients are locked down to prevent danger. The patient is in a special unit whereas close observation is giving. It depends on the nursing home, but the staff may encourage socializing, activities, exercise, etc. Most times however as the disease progresses to severe stage, the patient will become lost. In short, the patient may cease talking, walking, eating, drinking, etc.

how do you prepare at the severe stage?

Realize the patient is not far from death. The disease at this point has completely ate the brain, which the patient does not have senses, intellectual functions, emotional response, and so on. The patient is dying. There is nothing you can do at this time to prepare, since you should have prepared at the mild stage.

How does the patient feel at the severe stage?

It may be a comfort to know that the patient does not feel pain, since the senses are demolished. At this stage, the patient could fall and break a leg and never know what occurred. He or she will not feel pain.

Is the death horrible for the patient?

Death is horrible for anyone? Alzheimer?s patients have an advantage in this area, such they do not know what is happening to them. They do not fear death, since the ability to show emotional response is gone. In some instances however, the patient may vomit violently until they pass. The patient may vomit whitish phlegm.

How do I prevent Alzheimer?

You can take steps to avert Alzheimer disease. Finding out if, you have the disease early can help you take measures to slow the disorder.

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