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Battling the disease Alzheimer is not a joke. The disease causes the person to feel depressed, angry, hurt, which can encourage the patient to fight. The patient may kick, scream, argue, pull hair, choke, punch, or act out in some violent way when they feel threaten. The person develops psychoses as the disease progresses. Psychoses cause the patient to hallucinate. Hallucinations lead them to fantasy, nightmares, or make them feel delirious.

Once the patient reaches the moderate stage of Alzheimer?s disease, the risks increase. The patient becomes subject to infections, pneumonia, and so on. As the disease progresses to the severe stage, the patient gradually dies.

In the last days, the patient will seem to feel better. In this instance, looks are deceiving, since the patient is preparing death. In some instances, the patient may appear to hack up his or her guts before they pass.

How does a person detect the early warnings?

Medical experts that treat Alzheimer?s disease, such as geriatrician feel that inactive social activities play a role of Alzheimer?s disease. Medical experts or geriatricians believe that the older generations who slacks socializing or choose to live alone, the experts claim these people are subjects to Alzheimer?s disease and/or dementia. Medical experts? believe that elders who have a higher education are capable of detecting the disease, or symptoms ahead of progression. If symptoms are noted soon, intervention steps can be taking to reduce progression.

To detect the early warnings you should learn more about Alzheimer?s symptoms. Keep in mind that the disease slowly creeps in, and at first symptoms may not present them selves. For the most part, you want to consider changes in voice, behaviors, etc. Mood swings, memory loss, etc are signs of Alzheimer?s disease.

How do doctors decide what causes Alzheimer?s disease?

Doctors will consider environment, healthcare, genetics, etc, when assessing Alzheimer?s disease. The economics for example, factors into the disease, since the world is filled with harmful pollutions. Healthcare insurance is one of the leading causes of increasing disease. Due to outrageous costs of healthcare, people can?t afford to get to the doctors early, which halts doctors from finding cures. Medical experts? believe that the older population has far less insurance coverage than any other group in society. The economy alone has caused a serious of problems, including increases in Parkinson?s disease, Bradycardia, Osteoporosis, heart disease, Hypothyroidism, Strokes, heart attacks, Urine incontinence, bedsores, herpes zoster shingles, diabetes, prostatic hyperplasia, cancer, and so forth.

According to experts if the disease if discovered earlier it is curable. Once the condition starts to progress however, a cure is not available. Healthcare insurance, environment, etc, all play a part in the cause of Alzheimer?s disease.

Recently, tests were conducted, which the results showed the male sperm after the age 30, is subject to disorders. In short, if a man gets a woman pregnant after he turns 30, studies has shown that some disorder within the sperm increases the chances of birth defects, and/or disabilities. In summary, more children are born with disorder, especially if the male was aged 30 when the mother became pregnant.

The notion behind this makes us wonder if the male sperm after age 30 could also cause Alzheimer?s disease. We can?t help but to wonder. The deal is Alzheimer?s disease is mysterious. The disease takes the person back in time, freezes them, and finally kills the person. The person starts to relive early childhood memories, yet the patient cannot recall what happen two minutes early.

Battling Alzheimer?s disease is no joke. Learn to spot the early warnings to fight back.

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